Qianya Valve Parts: Manufacturers and Suppliers of Precision Valve Parts

Wenzhou Qianya Valve PARTS Co., Ltd. for several years, has been one of the principal manufacturers and suppliers of valve components. Quality is our primary focus and as a company, we deliver the highest quality products and components as per client requirements consistently. Over the years, we have been successful in delivering an unparalleled range of high-performance valve components ensuring the highest degree of customer experience and satisfaction.

Wenzhou Qianya Valve PARTS Co., Ltd. has a vast inventory of valve components in order to cater to the entire valve industry. Our valves are carefully and specifically designed to serve the high-end purpose in oil and gas, petroleum and petrochemical industries. Our company’s state-of-the-art facility is equipped to consistently meet and exceed the customers’ needs and expectations. This extraordinary ability has helped us grow in leaps and bounds.


Our products and services are designed to meet the critical demands of the entire valve industry. Quality assurance, robust technology, on-time delivery and reliability are some of the uncompromising principles QYVPCL follows through for every single product that is shipped out of the facility.


To thrive as the industry leader in providing superior valve components and industrial equipment. To ensure the best customer experience and seamless business process to all our clients and customers.


To offer robust products and components through creativity and innovation. To meet and exceed the varying expectations and requirements of our customers every single time. To provide excellent customer service through continuous quality assessment and quality management systems.

Quality policy

QYVPCL’s quality policy is founded upon the following management values and attributes.

  • To build and sustain a mutually profitable relationship with all our clients and customers and ensuring them a long-term success.
  • To achieve the highest standards of quality requirements and customers’ unique needs through bespoke products and services.
  • To achieve our commitment to all our customers for quality, schedule and cost.
  • To establish a disciplined business process through the driving force of continual improvement, innovation and professional services.
  • To achieve optimum efficiency by developing staff competency, empowerment, accountability and training programmes.

Process and job handling

At QYVPCL’s follows a meticulous and intricate operational process and job handling. At QYVPCL tracking a sub-part for ease of replacement, maintenance or servicing is a breeze, with the ingenious systemic process of assigning unique identification numbers to each sub-part manufactured at the facility. We provide certification of the same to all our clients with extensive documentation of the same.

Our leadership

“QYVPCL is driven by a robust team of professionals that are capable of offering the best products and services for the complete valve industry and led by highly proficient technocrats in the valve industry.”

Jake Xia

Managing Director&First Generation Enterpreneur

"For us is always customer first and quality first.We have a strong team that will solve all your valve component needs."

QianYa Valve Parts is a one stop solution for all your valve parts needs.

You can 100% trust in us.